This is a new wiki that is currently under development. Check back for information on North American folk music, particularly meta information regarding the singers and peoples involved in collected and documented folk music.

The idea of this wiki is to compile a large assortment of information related to Traditional Folk Music and create a cross-referencing system that enables the researcher to draw implicit information from seemingly unrelated data sets. Current research in North American folk music does not utilize GIS systems and multi-layered visual representations of their data. This wiki hopes to create a multidisciplinary bridge from which new and exciting research may be conducted.


This wiki is meant to provide information on Traditional Folk Music from North America and the regions that influenced its folk music (such as England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Africa, Hawaii, Spain, etc.). THIS WIKI NOT MEANT FOR ANY MUSIC FROM THE FOLK REVIVAL. The only exception is if an artist from that genre did a rendition of a traditional folk song. This is mostly meant for folklorists, ethno-musicologists, musicologists, cultural anthropologists, or any other folk music enthusiasts.

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Starting PlacesEdit

The best place to start on this Wiki is with The Anthology Of American Folk Music.

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